Sunday, October 05, 2008

Moda charm packs

Given all that's gone on in the past week and add work on top of that, I was so tired on Saturday night that I decided to do some mindless sewing. I thought I'd finish some projects that clients are waiting for but I was just too "fried" to think. So, the disappearing 9-patch made another appearance. I've had several 5" Moda charm packs sitting in the closet. When I ordered them, I thought they were pretty. I'm not lovin' them now, though. Maybe if I'd used them in a different block, they might be more striking. The fabrics used in the 9 patch are labeled "Dandelion Girl" and "Simplicity".
The Delectable Mountains you see here were an attempt to use up a third 5" charm pack. I sewed one dark and one light (sorta, as you can see that some of them don't have a lot of contrast). This pack was called "Sunbonnet Trail". Both of these patterns are so easy I was able to make what I did in about 3-4 hours last night. About the only real thought that went into it (and it wasn't much) was how to put colors together. I dunno, the colors really do look a lot better up on my wall. Photographs just don't do some of these projects justice. Okay, MY photos! lol
Here's a little "sewing pod". The instructions call it that because they show that you can put all sorts of little sewing items in it to carry around or keep handy at your machine. I used leftover strips from the Friendship Braid runner for this one. I have more strips left so I may make a few more of these. This is from a book I recently acquired titled "Lots of Scraps - It's Time to Quilt". Might just be another little gift item to add to my list.
It's early Sunday morning and my head is not pounding. But, my nose is running lol. This allergy stuff is for the birds! I can't ever remember having such a time with allergies but, then again, as I "mature" I find that there are a lot of things going on that haven't happened much in the past.

I told Dad I'd be over around 9 to fix breakfast so I'd better get dressed. Have a good Sunday.

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ak in australia said...

Your talent is boundless. Even when you have no energy, you still make the items you sew beautiful.Have a great day. Kathy from the blig blog