Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another week gone by

Another week under our belts and I have not done much of anything except take care of baby Kerrington and work at the shop. I did, finally, get the fleece blankets embroidered and delivered, so I feel as though I accomplished at least one thing. I meant to take my camera to photograph Kerrington and I forgot all three days. She's getting pretty active now and I find myself just sitting and watching her "do her thang" as she bounces up and down in her monkey bouncer or staring at her angel face while she sleeps. Oh, I did help April finish some alterations on pjs for K.

So, here it is, Thursday again. My posts may become even more few and far between now that Judy and I have signed up, again, at the gym. I heard yesterday that the swine flu and obesity may be directly connected. Obesity does NOT cause the flu, they say, but those with a few extra pounds on their frames may be more susceptible to it and end up with more severe complications, ie., pneumonia, etc. So, it's good that Judy and I have arranged to get ourselves back to working out, or "cheerleading" as Dad would say.

Alrighty, then! Time to shower and get ready for work.


Zlaty said...

it's great you sing for the Gym!

Happy summer!


Yvonne said...

Great that you two are getting back to the gym. DH and I plan to get back to exercise and eating healthier after grandkids start school. They go back the 24th so I told DH to enjoy the pizza and BlueBell icecream this week! We have got to do something. I just am tired all of the time. Good luck to you both and hang in there!