Saturday, August 29, 2009

Weekend notes

It's Saturday again, and I should be getting ready for work. But, I just had to post these pictures of our little Kerrington. She loves her monkey bouncer and can sit in it for a long time before she wants out. Usually it's because it's naptime! And, have you EVER seen a cuter water baby? I think NOT! lol

It tickled me to see her wearing the little sunhat I made for her. I'm so glad she doesn't mind wearing it! This was taken on a weekend outing to the lake with her mama and daddy and her Grampoo and Gramille Jackson. She loves the water.

On a sad note, please remember my friend Leota and her family today. Her cousin was killed yesterday in a truck accident in Louisiana. I have no more details right now other than they know his rig burned with him in it. Leota is distraught, as you might know, since this is one of her cousins who buried his dad just a few weeks ago in Dallas. Hard, hard time for the family. Our prayers are with you, Leota!

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ANudge said...

Praying for Leota and family, Y.