Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This and that and more!

Is she growing up or what! No, she's not walking yet, but Miss Kerrington likes to stand up. She and Grama V. have some good times on Mon., Tues., and Wed. I need to work on another outfit since Auntie J. said she's getting tired of seeing her in this outfit. lol She meant that nicely, I'm sure.

How about these cute little cup cozies? Kate and her mom, Judy, sent me a book with the pattern in it. Such thoughtful friends I have made through my computer. Thanks, you two!

These are four blocks of a nine or twelve block baby quilt I'll be working on the next few days. I didn't even work on it tonight since I was busy at Farmtown. lol The pattern is the Disappearing nine patch.

And, last but certainly not least, is a picture of Dad. I think he was about 21 years old in this picture. One of Judy's friends photo-shopped (is that a real term now?)it into a background with the flags. Nice, isn't it? Thanks, Howard!

I thought I'd better get this done since it's almost 11:15 p.m. and my eyelids are getting awfully heavy. You wouldn't think that taking care of a cute little angel all day would be tiring. A very good tired, though. I'm still lovin' it!


Zlaty said...

The picture of your dad is very nice!
The cozies are cute too!

Have a great weekend!

ANudge said...

I love the coffee cozys. What is the name of the book? Fancy that I am making a disappearing nine patch baby quilt too! I like your color choices better.