Tuesday, June 22, 2010

30 minute sunhat

While home for a bit today, I decided K. needed another sunhat. Stop laughing. This one actually fits! It's reversible, too. I just couldn't rest until I made one that fits her - now. I simply took a bigger seam allowance. I had to put it together in a flash, hence the 30-minute title, because I didn't want K. to have to sit in the glider too long. I didn't figure she'd want to sit there too long, either.
Bless her heart. We ran to the house because I had some things to do so I thought I'd see how fast I could make the hat. I was bound and determined to make one that fits her from the get-go! She was so good to sit in the glider and watch tv while playing with a golf ball, her shoes and a miniature Betty Boop lunch box filled with Scentsy. She loves to smell Scentsy. Granted, she was probably ready for a nap but she was a very good girl while Granma made her a hat. We're not baby-proofed around here so she needs to stay in view at all times. She only tried to get out of the chair one time.


Ruthie said...

WOW, 30 minutes! I'm very impressed as I have made a couple hats for Elizabeth and I'm sure thye took me much longer. That one is just darling!

Anonymous said...

K is so cute......and so is her hat.