Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A little summer dress

I know, there are tons and tons of little outfits to buy for little girls, why go to the trouble of making a dress? Because I can! lol I had to sew for two little boys and that was not near as much fun as sewing for a little girl. Let me have my fun :-)

Originally, I used a hook and eye closure for the back of the dress but I didn't like the way it looked and K. could feel it on her skin. So, and April, I forgot to tell you, I used two small lengths of some ribbon in April's stash and sewed them to the edge of the back opening. It works much better to just tie a little bow and looks cuter. Thanks, April. I couldn't wait to get home to fix it.


Wilma NC said...

I want one of those for me!!!! Very cute.

ANudge said...

That is so cute. I'll have to make a note of it for when DGD gets to be that age.

Wonderful color too, V.