Sunday, June 06, 2010

Why I can't quilt right now

Any excuse is better than none, right? This is what my sewing machine looks like these days. I am working on a prayer shawl for a sweet friend/client that broke her kneecap on the third day of a much anticipated extended vacation. She is now in rehab. Actually, this is the fourth try to make her a prayer shawl. I worked on a different pattern one night while watching a graduation online. The next day, in the light of day, lol, I found that the edges were totally and irreparably crooked! So, I "uncrocheted" the whole thing and started another one. This time, I decided I'd knit a simple shawl. Nah. I'm not that experienced in knitting, and although I love the look, just takes me too long. After "unknitting" those few rows, I found a different pattern to crochet.
It's the one you see in this picture. But, after four rows, I realized I was using the wrong size hook. Two sizes too small. I pulled them apart and started over again with the right size hook. Maybe this one will take.

The strange little crocheted item you see in this picture is actually a towel hanger. You drape your kitchen towel through the hole after hanging the whole thing on your stove handle. An alternative to those towel toppers that are so popular.
What would a blog entry be without Miss K? Boring, methinks. Here you see her "exercising". I'm not sure she thinks that's what she's doing but it's just too darn cute to watch her try to sit on her purple ball. I haven't seen her miss it, yet, but I bet she has. Once she's settled, she's just as happy as can be.
The little skirt she's wearing in the picture was a pair of shorts in another life. When Mama April bought them, she thought they'd fit just fine, but Miss K is full of surprises. I took the leg seams apart and made it into a little skirt. Too cute on her.

Remember the online graduation I said I watched while crocheting? Here is a very bad picture of Miss Kailey Vae accepting her diploma. Kailey is Jim's oldest granddaughter who lives in Texas. We couldn't be there for the occasion but were able to watch the whole thing, live, online. The wonders of modern communication!

Soon I will have a post dedicated to my sister's new home. It's going to be beautiful! Her home, not the post. lol Check back soon.

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~Joann~ said...

Sorry Veronica but had to laugh at the picture of your sewing machine, looks just how mine looks right now :) I would have to spend at least an hour just to declutter it to use it so I am going to work on some hand work for now.