Friday, August 25, 2006

Another reversible quilt

These pictures show the quilt I was able to finish binding at the "Quilt 'til you Wilt" session I attended last weekend. I wanted to put a reversible binding on it and so I had put it off until I had a large block of time. The blocks are from two different swaps from one of my online groups. I love them! Since I quilted each square before putting them together, it worked up really fast and easy.

Since I've been home from OKC, I've finished the top I started after the binding was on the above quilt. I've also started another top for a favorite relative. Can't say who just yet.. The most pressing project right now is to finish quilting the mystery quilt top that I made at the Amarillo retreat. It will be a gift, too. Pictures of all to come later.

The hair business has been a little slow lately. Always happens when school starts. Soon customers will begin to realize they need perms to get them through until Christmas. These things are cyclical.

I'm waiting on my sewing machine extension table. My dear brother was loading the car with all our suitcases and accidently snapped the corner off of my old one. He was so upset but, like I told him, I was needing a new one anyway. Funny how we get so used to things. I've been piecing without it for the last few days, but will need the extra room when quilting.

I have started a new little venture. E-bay! I've bought lots of things from E-bay, but I have decided to start selling a few things. For instance, I sold a handbag last night! I was so excited. We'll see how far this goes...

One more thing, I am also waiting on a new laptop! Talk about excited. Since my husband has started using the computer, we find ourselves waiting on each other for 'our turn'. lol Plus, I'm looking forward to playing with my sewing machine's features that include hooking it up to the computer and downloading embroidery patterns.

Time to get ready for work.


Linda_J said...

Morning, Veronica! Boy the two sides of the quilt look so, so different but I guess that is part of the reason for making them reversible--change the quilt to suit the season or your mood. I know I took an darker quilt that reminds me more of winter off the bed as a coverlet and put something else on it that looked summery for that very reason.

Looks like you are getting back into the swing of things now that you are home.

Patti said...

The quilt looks really great - just like two quilts! You certainly accomplished a lot.

I'm surprised there isn't a lot of business for you these days - around here it gets really busy because of all the kids getting their hair cut before school starts. But then maybe you don't do kids. Seems like most of the places around here do everyone - kids, men and women. I know my husband felt really funny the first time he went to my gal instead of to the barber. He has really, really curly hair and the barber never really knew what to do with it. He loved what my Kelly did, and he's been going to her for over 20 years now. This time of year I'm always seeing kids in her chair.

Deborah said...

Boy, the bright side really pops. I think I'm going to try to do that with the 12 black, red, & white blocks I have left from the last block of the month that I participated in through The Patchwork House. Maybe if I make myself do some machine quilting on small pieces I'll eventually work up to a larger piece. Yeah, right!

I did get the binding sewn on the table runner that you quilted for me. It looks great.

I'm ready to go off for another quilting retreat, how about you?

EileenKNY said...

That reversible quilt looks great! Like Linda said, it'll be great to change out for the seasons.
Hope business picks up soon for you.

Esteemarlu said...

I bumped into your blog while reading Linda's. I love the orange side of the quilt, it reminds me of Halloween corn candy. I need to buy me an extension table for my machine.Why I haven't, I don't know. You have a beautiful granddaughter. I want one so bad.I will visit again.