Monday, August 28, 2006


The project this past weekend was a re-do. This picture is a wallhanging I made for a good friend of mine several, okay, many, years ago. Last Christmas she had it hanging at the shop and I took a closer look. It made noise when you touched it! I had paper-pieced it and had not removed the paper. Must've been one of my first paper-pieced projects. Plus, I did not like the plaid border I had put on it so I brought it home and took it apart. I took the borders off, removed the paper and put new borders on. Did a little free-hand quilting and I like it a lot better. Hope she does, too.

Speaking of Monday...ever had one of those days? I took Dad to Lubbock to the pain doc. Drove an hour and a half, walked into the office and let the receptionist know we were there. She looked at me as though I was crazy. "We have you down for 11 tomorrow morning," she said. I won't tell you what I said (it was really nice, although a little cranky-sounding, I'm sure). So, we used the facilities, got back into the car and came home. Well, stopped at Sonic for lunch. Thankfully, Dad was not hurting too bad, so I hope we can wait until next week to go back. The receptionist was adamant about the fact that she had called to let us know about the change and when I asked her what number she called, I realized she had called my old cell number. So, when she got the recording that said it was not a good number, she should've called the next number in the chart, right? That's why I gave them all our numbers.

Alright, so then I go to the gym tonight. The owner of the gym calls me over and says, "I want you and Judy (my sis) to write down what you eat for a week and bring it to me." Supposedly to make sure we're eating right since he's ready to take our workout to the next level. Let me back up a minute...We've been working out seven months now and have only lost about 12 lbs. I think he's ready to see a little more progress out of us. Anyway, I was not happy about the fact that he thinks he needs to "help" us along. I know, I should be appreciative since, after all, that's why we're there! It's time to take stock of what I eat.

I'm still waiting for my extension table. I just can't finish quilting a large quilt without it. I tried. I don't have enough support around the sewing machine without that table. I did not realize how much I depend on it. I will truly appreciate it when I get it.

Whew! Now that I got that off my chest...I'm so tired since I only got about 3 hours sleep last night. This menopause stuff is no fun. You'd think with all this exercise I'm getting, I would sleep like a baby. Maybe once I get my diet in line...


Hedgehog said...

Very cute little wall hanging and what a funny story about the paper!

The Calico Cat said...

A. I made the SAME EXACT MISTAKE with my first paper pieced project!

B. Sonic was my second job! (I was a car hop/fountain girl.)

C. The guy at the gym will probably be less than thrilled with seeing Sonic on your weekly menu. (Especially if you had onion rings - Sonics are THE best or fried pickles with a burger and shake!)

EileenKNY said...

This is going to sound crazy, but I find I can sleep better with a "white noise" sound in the bedroom. So we have a table fan going year-round.
Take it from someone who has "personal summers" several times each day.
As for the paper piecing, I won several blocks at my guild several years ago, and most of them still had the paper.

Linda_J said...

Didn't our quilting foremothers keep paper in for warmth or something? Oh, the re-do's but how else do we learn?

One of those days for you with one step forward and two back?