Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New toy!

Here I sit, on the couch in the den, with my new laptop on my lap! I can see I am going to enjoy this so much!

I have to thank Linda J. for helping me with creation of this blog. It's really not that hard once you understand what's going on. Wait til Robert gets a load of what his mom is doing these days! lol

Only drawback - I'm not sewing as much! That's ok. I think I needed a little break. Besides, that durn extension table is still not here. Maybe later today..


Linda_J said...

wahoo, you got it! Now when you want to learn how to put that hyperlink for my name in your blog note, let me know---not a whole lot different than doing the links really.

May Britt said...

I just started my blog and I am hocked LOL
My DD (18) gave me this comment in the start: Mum, did YOU do that.
It is quite easy as soon as you learn it. I got very good help from a friend. Just ask if there is anything you want to know. Perhaps we other bloggers can help