Thursday, February 08, 2007

Cat bag

One more little project to break up the long hours of quilting my blocks. lol This little tote is made with my favorite pattern since I love the six pockets the handle creates on the outside. I've made so many of them in the past year or two that I think I could make one without reading the instructions. This took me all night tonight since I had to quilt the cat fabric first. I'd hoped to find pre-quilted fabric (saves a LOT of time) but the stores I hit today didn't have what I was looking for.

When I got home from work today, I finished quilting the alternate blocks in the heart quilt. Next step is to put them together. I should've started that instead of making the bag, but I needed a quick gift.

The phone rang all evening. First, my sister called to say she was on her way to the hospital with one of our friends. They've been there over an hour now and still have not been seen. Apparently, there has been a bad car accident and the ER is jumping. Sure hope they see her soon. She, (our friend) is having severe back pain and is throwing up.

Then, my brother called to let me know that an uncle of ours, my dad's brother, passed away this evening. He had been terminal for some time but it's always hard when it finally happens. I had to let Dad know and everyone was concerned about him being by himself when he heard the news. He was by himself when I called him, but he is doing alright. A sister-in-law of his went by to visit with him and make sure he was ok. Then, Robert got home so I'm not worried about him. We'd been talking about it for several weeks.

So, I guess I'll stay up until I hear how our friend is doing. I'll be busy tomorrow and am disappointed to find out that my massage has been cancelled. The massage therapist e-mailed to let me know that she'd been sick all week. Must be something going around...


joyce said...

I love the bag. The fabric is gorgeous and I love the way the pockets are formed by the handles.

cher said...

cute bag- love the heart's really special

Tracey said...

That is a fabulous bag. I LOVE the fabric, can you tell me who the manufacturer is so that I can search it out??

Gail said...

Oh Veronica, what a cute bag, love the kitties.

So sorry to hear about your Uncle, am glad your Dad is ok.


JudyL said...

Sorry about your uncle. I love that bag. What pattern do you use?