Sunday, February 11, 2007

To border...or not?

The heart quilt is put together. Now, Jim, loving critic that he is, thinks it's too small and needs at least a 6" border. It's already about 60" x 72". I think it looks fine as it is. Mostly 'cause I want to bind it today and get it done to mail by tomorrow.

Yup, I think I'll bind it and send it off tomorrow. If I could find the perfect pink and red fabric for borders, I might consider it. Maybe I'll run by Hancock's today.

I hope you can see the quilting in the blocks on the back of the quilt. I love it when a simple design makes a nice little impact

Time to get dressed and run Dad to the after-hours clinic.


ForestJane said...

Very nice!

Do you have any of the sashing fabric you used between the blocks? I'd be tempted to go once around the whole thing with that, but not 6 inches, more like one or two, then bind it in the same color (if you have enough) and be done.

Susan said...

I think it would look great, whether you border it or not. What did you decide to do?

Shelina said...

Wow, you made a pretty, reversible quilt. I haven't done any quilt as you go quilts, but you are tempting me to try one.

Mary said...

I'm just catching up on my blog reading after the boys visit this weekend - so did you add a border? I don't know if I read where this was going but I think 60 x 72 is a pretty good size for anything short of a bed quilt - unless it's for a really tall guy then I make sure and make them longer.

Kristy (QOR) said...

This quilt turned out very nice! The colors really worked well together. Did you send it off already?