Monday, February 19, 2007

Sunday doin's

What a great Valentine Secret Pal I had this year! Here's the top, finished, made with the kit and pattern she provided in my surprise box. I'll quilt it, with hearts, I think, and add the red binding and my Valentine quilt will be ready for next year.

Judy and I went shopping at Hancock's on Sunday afternoon and I found several quilting magazines I had not seen. In one, I found a pattern for this "Grab Bag". Just a cute little thing that makes up really fast. I think I've found some Christmas gifties!

The wallhanging behind the purse is one that was made for me by Sherry, my secret pal at Christmas, I think. And, the funny looking little thing hanging next to it is my video camera for my 'puter. You can't see what they're hanging on...I should take a picture of these elephant heads. It's their trunks that these things are dangling from. I'll post a picture of the heads later.

I'm off to get ready for a day trip to Lubbock with Dad. Please keep us in your prayers. We're hoping for good reports from the doc. Dad's feeling better now that his blood pressure is not so low and some of the extra fluid has been coming off.

Have a great day!


Franie said...

Love that little bag--have not seen one like that before. The wall hanging is sweet too. As always I say you amaze me with how much stuff you complete.

Susan said...

That is a cute bag. You got a kit and it's already a top, ready to quilt. You got a magazine and already worked up the bag. You are fast, Veronica!

Best of luck today in Lubbock. I hope the news is all good.