Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day '07

Here are Brittany and her daddy with the pillowcase she made for him for Father's Day. She was so anxious to give it to him. The picture is not the best, but you can see the beautiful smile on her face. The pillowcase has horses all over it. Her daddy loves horses. She wanted to make a quilt, but there was just no time. She'll be back in July so maybe we can attempt a little one then, especially if we get Dad closer to home.


Jeanne said...

I'm sure both of them will always remember this Father's Day! She looks so proud.

Shelina said...

What a nice pillow case and how sweet of her to make that for her Dad1 I hope that things work out well for your own Dad and he can be in the facility where he will get the best care.