Monday, June 04, 2007

Last of the birthday blocks

Finally! I always enjoy this swap so much, but it was a little trying this time. I loved working on everyone's blocks, but it was a bit stressful and I was so late with some of them. These blocks are for Kate. If I remember correctly, the names of the blocks are "Brasstown Star", "Coxey's Camp", and "Wyoming Valley". These can all be found at the Quilter's Cache.

We are still at the hospital. Today might be the last day for antibiotics. They drew blood this morning at 5 so I guess that will tell them if the antibiotics can be stopped. I sat him up on the side of the bed yesterday and he was much stronger. I hope to see physical therapy in today to stand him up and walk him. Dad's sense of humor is still intact as evidenced this morning when the aide was in. He placed the bedpan under Dad and walked away saying, "I'll be back in a second". Dad told him, "Make it two!" (seconds) lol The aide came back rather quickly and Dad said, "That really WAS two seconds!"

I am so sleepy. I've been working on another baby afghan and some crocheted dishtowels. I think I'll catch a nap while Dad's sleeping before the therapists start coming in.

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Andrea said...

Hi Veronica
been reading your blog for months following your quilting and your dads progress. Think you are doing so well at a difficult time !