Saturday, June 23, 2007

Piano man!

Here's Dad at the piano in the dayroom on this floor. He is doing so much better, thank you, Lord! We are now awaiting a new assessment of his condition to see if he will remain here at the hospital on the rehab floor. He is getting stronger each day.

I have not been doing anything quilt-wise, but have been crocheting up a storm. I am about to finish a baby afghan for a soon-to-be great-niece. I can't wait to finish this up to post a picture. Judy has finished her afghan for the baby and I will get a picture of it soon.

I am tired tonight. I worked until about 1 p.m. then went to WalMart and ran home and threw my baggage into the car and headed to Lubbock. We took Dad, in the wheelchair, down to the cafeteria. He'd already eaten so we grabbed some sandwiches and came back up to the dayroom where he played a bit at the piano. I am ready to take my contacts out and call it a night.


Deborah said...

Hey guys,
Your dad looks great. He's proof that prayer works. I don't think it will be very long before he's home again and back to his old self.

Praise be to God.

Sarah Jayne said...

Your dad looks so much better now. You must be very pleased.

Norma said...

How wonderful that your Dad is feeling well enough to sit up to the piano! I have been reading your posts regarding your Dad's health and rejoice with you and your sister that he is doing much better now!