Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day outing

Recognize this fella? LOL This is Dad on Father's Day. We sat him in a wheelchair and took him outside for the first time in 3 months! I made him wear my sunglasses. It was pretty bright outside and really nice. I think he enjoyed it.

We started out today with high hopes that he will be moved to the convalescent center in Farwell. Things were rolling along smoothly until this afternoon when my sister went to sign papers. She found out then that his records show he has some kind of infectious infection in his stool. The nurse in Lubbock claims he does not, it's just blood in the stool. So, there were more papers faxed today for the nursing home to peruse and we wait.. Please pray that things work out as they should as soon as possible.


swooze said...

Hi Veronica! Dad looks good. Glad you got him outside for a little bit. I hope you are getting rest too. Take care of yourself my dear!

Susan said...

Oh, how good he looks! I'll bet you both had a great day! Hope all the paperwork gets ironed out soon.