Monday, June 25, 2007

When you can't quilt, crochet!

Judy finished this crocheted blanket during her stay with Dad at the hospital this past weekend. We decided it will make a great car seat blanket or stroller blanket. Now that she's done with this one, she has started another crocheted blanket in another pattern. She's also begun, hold on...., a yo yo project!
I was seeing these shells in my sleep! This blanket was fun to make and very addicting. I thought I'd work on it while at the hospital with Dad, but found myself working on it even when I was at home. So, now it's done and I can start something else.

Dad is doing well today. He says he feels a little weaker than yesterday, but I think his muscles are just tired. He's done a lot in the last few days. We're waiting now for them to come get him to go to dialysis. I think he will nap while he's there today and I think I will, too. I'm going to sit right here in his room and snooze the whole time he's gone. Well, after I run get me something to eat. We'll see how far I can get with the new blanket I've started.


Mary said...

Both afghans are very pretty. I've made a bunch of them both crochet and knit but not in the last year. Seeing the crochet ones make me want to pull out my hook and start one but I have to finish the knit prayer shawl I started on my trip to Ft. Lauderdale. I love crochet and knit projects for travel.

Sharon said...

Both of the afghans are terrific. I like the shell edging on the one you did. I've just finished a diagonally knitted scrap yarn blanket for my dog. . . and have a ton of other projects just waiting in the wings!

Keep up the good work.

I hope your father is feeling better soon.

Shelina said...

Both of them are so pretty. I really like the shell border.

Linda_J said...

Now that is using your time wisely, Veronica. I'm sorry that I have not been leaving comments but it took awhile to get caught up after that 10 days OOT.

Still up and down days a bit? Your dad looks as though he has lost a bit of weight with all that hospitalization and crappy food they serve (normally the case) He probably does feel as week as a kitten in that case.

Susan said...

Both of these are very pretty, but I really love your shells! I don't think I've crocheted anything since travelling last fall. I usually do it in the truck.

Hope you got a chance to rest!

Norma said...

What beautiful crocheting! I particularly love the pattern of the pink one!