Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Baby blue blanket

And a picture of Dad after his first full day of rehab therapy. Remember the blanket I was telling you about in the last post? Didn't get a picture of it because just as I was finishing it up yesterday, one of the housekeeping ladies fell in love with it and I sold it to her! I realized I'd not gotten a picture until she was long gone with it. This baby blue blanket was the easiest one yet. It really does look like bubbles when you're done. The pattern didn't call for an edging, but I thought it could use one and it really finished it off. This one goes to my son's step-daughter's new baby boy born last Monday. Congratulations, Tabitha!

I think Dad is tired, lol. He had a shower after his therapy this afternoon, took a short nap, ate dinner, and is sacked out again. I may have to wake him up in a little bit so he can still have some sleep left in him tonight. He (and I) was up at least 4 times last night. I usually have to help him get up off the toilet, but twice, he didn't wait for me and walked out without my help. Then, there are other times when he just can't get up. His muscles sure need more training, but he's doing very well.

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Susan said...

Your dad does look a little tired! Rehab must be hard work. The little blanket is darling. Was the other one the same pattern?