Monday, July 02, 2007

Busy week

Wow, I didn't realize I hadn't posted in a week! We've been busy. Dad is now in rehab, officially. It began in earnest this morning when the Occupational Therapist came in at 8:30. Dad had already eaten and dressed himself so she didn't have much to do. I decided to go on to get breakfast since now we are in a room located right above the cafeteria. When I got on the elevator, I couldn't help but tell the lady in there with me that I felt like a mother sending her child off to school for the first time! LOL

I'm finishing up the border on another little crocheted baby afghan. My son's stepdaughter had a little boy last week so I figured I'd get one done for her since I haven't had a chance to make the quilt I was planning on. Picture later...

Guess I'll sit here and wait to see when they bring Dad back. We don't know yet when, or if, he will have dialysis again. He did have it on Friday since his numbers had gone back up. As soon as I catch his nurse, I'll see if she can give me any news.

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