Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A little quilting

This is a picture of a quilt top using Quiltsmart foundation fusible and the instructions in Eleanor Burn's "Quilts Through the Seasons". I had a stack of florals and thought I'd try it. It's not hard but I think I'd like to try it with solid colors with lots of contrast. I worked and worked trying to place the blocks in such a way that one block wouldn't be near another one with the same fabric in it. Didn't work, but I think it still looks fine. Since the blocks are put together in an applique style, I still need to sew down the circles and crowns. But, I decided to do it during the quilting process. Jim looked at it on the wall and asked why I don't put a solid color border on it. What do ya'll think? If I do use a solid color, I'd have to put another, narrower border, I think. At any rate, I like the floral since it carries the theme all the way out. The binding will be the same dark green used in the sashings.

Dad has been having some rough days, as I had been warned might happen once he got home. He hasn't had dialysis since he left the hospital - a week ago this past Saturday. He seems to be putting on some fluid weight so we will see the doctor today. They think he may just need a diuretic. He's been awfully weak and tired but seems fine mentally. He did fall again in the hallway the other night on his way back to bed. I really think he got dizzy and/or made a sudden backward movement after, what he says, was a loud noise he heard outside. The boys didn't hear him until the walker made all kinds of racket as he was falling. He didn't hurt himself except for a scrape on his arm. So, Joe and Carolyn decided that he needed a better way to alert them. They are trying a remote door bell unit that Dad will carry in his pocket (the doorbell button) and the bell will ring where the boys can hear it. They thought of a baby monitor, but Dad needs to carry something with him to use if he falls. We'll see if it worked last night. I wish he'd wake someone to stay with him during his bathroom treks. Another option is to use a bedside potty. He already uses a urinal.

We're so grateful and thankful that he hasn't had to have dialysis, but if that's what he needs to get stronger, then we can live with it. We'll find out today..


deborah said...

Hi Veronica,

I really like this quilt. How big are the individual blocks? I think the floral border looks good.



Shelina said...

That is a beautiful quilt Veronica, and I really like the floral border. I haven't been brave enough to try something this intricate.

Andrea said...

Thats really lovely as it is. I think the floral border compliments it well. You are doing so well getting some quilting done whilst looking after dad !

Susan said...

The quilt is beautiful. Do you want to make it bigger? I like the floral, but a solid would be good if you want it bigger. I'm glad your dad didn't get hurt in the fall. I'll bet it was scary, though! Even when I fall now, it scares me that something will break.

Linda_J said...

this one is gorgeous too!