Sunday, July 15, 2007

Home from Amarillo

These colorful "chickens" are pincushions I made while at the Amarillo retreat this weekend. The first one is not stuffed, yet. I worked mostly on a quilt for Rob and April so I can't show it yet because it's going to be a surprise :-) There were about 18 ladies that attended the retreat and we had a great time. Although, I spent all day Saturday fighting a migraine/stress/sinus headache. I don't really know what caused it but it hurt. Deborah made me buy some "Head On" and I think I liked it. I'm not sure it helped that much since I'd taken several doses of pain meds. But, the "cool" feeling it left on my forehead really felt nice.
Judy got Dad home on Saturday afternoon. It was so nice to see him sitting at his chair in the dining room when I walked in this afternoon. He's so thin now and trying to grow a little goatee, that he looks really different. Once he has that goatee grown out a little more, I'll post a picture. He said he's trying to "re-invent" himself! LOL
I've got to work on unpacking all my stuff. I will take my sewing machine in tomorrow to have it's yearly checkup. In the meantime, Deborah was nice enough to loan me her Bernina. First, I may have to take a nap...


Linda_J said...

Sorry that you were not feeling well at the retreat, Veronica. You really earned this time away since your dad's illness and hospitalization. How wonderful that he got to come home finally!

Susan said...

I love your pincushions, especially that chicken in the middle - so cute! Was that a class at the retreat?

I can hardly wait to see of picture of your re-invented dad. How fun that he can feel like doing that now!