Thursday, July 12, 2007

Great news!

I am not a fan of granny square afghans. I don't mind making all those little blocks, but I don't like having to sew them together. Sewing quilt blocks together is another story, though. Anyway, I needed another quick baby afghan and this one caught my eye. I thought the giant square would be easy, and, it was!

What is my "great news?" Dad is going home on Saturday!! I was hoping they'd let me bring him home yesterday, but they felt he needed another couple of days. Judy says he's doing great. When I was there the other night, he got out of bed by himself, used the walker and got to and from the bathroom by himself. Shocked me when I opened my eyes and he was walking back to bed! He is really excited, Judy says. I wish I was going to be home when he gets there, but I'm in Amarillo for a quilting retreat until Sunday afternoon. I can't wait to walk into his house and see him sitting in his chair! Thank You, Lord!!


Mary said...

Glad to hear your Dad is doing better and heading home soon.

I've made a giant granny square afghan but mine was a little wonky - not sure why it was lopsided but I definitely prefer to do one big one versus a lot of little ones that have to be stitched together.

Susan said...

How exciting that your dad is going home! That's just wonderful. I'm glad you get to have some retreat time. You deserve it. Your afghan looks great - so nice and even all around. I was working on a premie one with leaf-stitch today. It's almost done. Doesn't take much at that size. =)

Jeanne said...

I'm happy for you that your dad is coming home soon. I used to crochet a lot before quilting took over. Your baby afghan is very pretty.

Bingo~Bonnie said...

Your afghan gift receiver will love the baby blanket! My aunt made my twins each one and we love them! They are about the same size as the one you made and I find them to be perfect for swaddeling because they have some stretch in them.

We keep them with their carseats most of the time so that they are ready to go out when ever we do - most public places are cooler than we keep our home so this makes for the perfect 2nd balnket to have to the babies.

SO glad to hear that your dad will be home soon! ~Bonnie in SE Texas