Friday, July 27, 2007

Lone Star

This is a picture of a top I started just 3 nights ago. I used the Quiltsmart method with their printed fusible interfacing. It was really quite easy. The points that don't match up are the ones I didn't match when sewing the squares together. I still need to add 3" borders then I'll quilt it and hang it at the shop. I'm sure everyone is ready to see a new wallhanging.

I spent the better part of the day in the ER with my dad. I went to work and fixed two heads of hair then I had a cancellation so I decided to take Dad some tamales I'd just bought and to check in on him. The homemaker was there so I wasn't too concerned. But, once I got there and took one look at this face, I knew I had to call an ambulance. His eyelids were so puffy they nearly closed his eyes! And, he just LOOKED different. Ya know what I mean? His entire countenance was so unlike him, that I knew it was time to see what was going on. We felt that he was really needing some dialysis. Well, after 8 hours of tests and more tests, it was decided that he needed a diuretic to relieve some of the fluid building up in his body. They catheterized him and gave him Lasix through the IV and he put out quite a bit in just an hour. It made a huge difference in how he felt and how he was able to move! He had been having so much trouble walking the last few days. Oh, and his back was totally out yesterday and the day before, but I think that my son has been helping with massage because he stands much straighter today! Thank You, Lord and Joe!

On top of all that, we had a phone call in the middle of the night letting us know that my husband's oldest daughter (39) was found dead in a hotel room. We have not been in touch with her for quite a few years, but she is my husband's daughter and the mother of four of his grandchildren. It's a sad situation. We don't know details yet. I hope Jim can go be with his younger daughter during this trying time for her.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A little quilting

This is a picture of a quilt top using Quiltsmart foundation fusible and the instructions in Eleanor Burn's "Quilts Through the Seasons". I had a stack of florals and thought I'd try it. It's not hard but I think I'd like to try it with solid colors with lots of contrast. I worked and worked trying to place the blocks in such a way that one block wouldn't be near another one with the same fabric in it. Didn't work, but I think it still looks fine. Since the blocks are put together in an applique style, I still need to sew down the circles and crowns. But, I decided to do it during the quilting process. Jim looked at it on the wall and asked why I don't put a solid color border on it. What do ya'll think? If I do use a solid color, I'd have to put another, narrower border, I think. At any rate, I like the floral since it carries the theme all the way out. The binding will be the same dark green used in the sashings.

Dad has been having some rough days, as I had been warned might happen once he got home. He hasn't had dialysis since he left the hospital - a week ago this past Saturday. He seems to be putting on some fluid weight so we will see the doctor today. They think he may just need a diuretic. He's been awfully weak and tired but seems fine mentally. He did fall again in the hallway the other night on his way back to bed. I really think he got dizzy and/or made a sudden backward movement after, what he says, was a loud noise he heard outside. The boys didn't hear him until the walker made all kinds of racket as he was falling. He didn't hurt himself except for a scrape on his arm. So, Joe and Carolyn decided that he needed a better way to alert them. They are trying a remote door bell unit that Dad will carry in his pocket (the doorbell button) and the bell will ring where the boys can hear it. They thought of a baby monitor, but Dad needs to carry something with him to use if he falls. We'll see if it worked last night. I wish he'd wake someone to stay with him during his bathroom treks. Another option is to use a bedside potty. He already uses a urinal.

We're so grateful and thankful that he hasn't had to have dialysis, but if that's what he needs to get stronger, then we can live with it. We'll find out today..

Friday, July 20, 2007

Trying something new

Sure hope these blocks get better the more I do! lol As you can see, the first one with the pink points is not very pleasing to the eye - my eye, at least. The second one seemed easier. Maybe it's because I made it at 7 in the morning instead of 11 at night! LOL This pattern is called "American Beauty" and I'm using the Quiltsmart method following Eleanor Burns instructions in her book, "Quilts Through the Seasons". I picked it up in Amarillo during one of our shopping trips at the retreat. I think I'm going to like it. I'm using 16 different, coordinating FQs so I'm hoping it will have a scrappy feel, yet look like I spent a little time in planning.

I'll work at the shop again today then relieve the homemaker at Dad's around 3. If I'm not off in time, Jim said he'd fill in for me. Thank you, honey! You don't know how much it means to me that you are so willing to lend a hand with Dad now that he's home. Even though he's home, Dad is still very weak, but getting stronger, yet needs someone with him 24/7 just to make sure he doesn't fall. Well, we certainly can't keep him from falling, but at least we can be there to assist.
So, I'm off to the showers.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Home from Amarillo

These colorful "chickens" are pincushions I made while at the Amarillo retreat this weekend. The first one is not stuffed, yet. I worked mostly on a quilt for Rob and April so I can't show it yet because it's going to be a surprise :-) There were about 18 ladies that attended the retreat and we had a great time. Although, I spent all day Saturday fighting a migraine/stress/sinus headache. I don't really know what caused it but it hurt. Deborah made me buy some "Head On" and I think I liked it. I'm not sure it helped that much since I'd taken several doses of pain meds. But, the "cool" feeling it left on my forehead really felt nice.
Judy got Dad home on Saturday afternoon. It was so nice to see him sitting at his chair in the dining room when I walked in this afternoon. He's so thin now and trying to grow a little goatee, that he looks really different. Once he has that goatee grown out a little more, I'll post a picture. He said he's trying to "re-invent" himself! LOL
I've got to work on unpacking all my stuff. I will take my sewing machine in tomorrow to have it's yearly checkup. In the meantime, Deborah was nice enough to loan me her Bernina. First, I may have to take a nap...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Great news!

I am not a fan of granny square afghans. I don't mind making all those little blocks, but I don't like having to sew them together. Sewing quilt blocks together is another story, though. Anyway, I needed another quick baby afghan and this one caught my eye. I thought the giant square would be easy, and, it was!

What is my "great news?" Dad is going home on Saturday!! I was hoping they'd let me bring him home yesterday, but they felt he needed another couple of days. Judy says he's doing great. When I was there the other night, he got out of bed by himself, used the walker and got to and from the bathroom by himself. Shocked me when I opened my eyes and he was walking back to bed! He is really excited, Judy says. I wish I was going to be home when he gets there, but I'm in Amarillo for a quilting retreat until Sunday afternoon. I can't wait to walk into his house and see him sitting in his chair! Thank You, Lord!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Almost home!

I know I've posted these images before, but this quilt is going with me to the retreat this weekend. It's the one I made using squares we traded last year at the retreat. The challenge was to make a project with those squares. So, here it is. Can't wait to show it off! lol The back is a top I made years ago but didn't like. If you notice, the star tips get lost because the print does not go all to the way to the tip. The plan is for Deborah and I to leave Thursday after work because the retreat begins on Friday at 9 a.m. or so.

Okay, back to the title of this post. The doctor on the rehab floor came in this morning and asked us if we felt we could handle it at home. Of course! We do most of the stuff ourselves now! Dad will still go to rehab once we get settled at home, too. He likes it! He feels so much better doing the exercises and I think he really enjoys the fellowship with the other patients. So, the doctor said that she will talk with his therapists tomorrow morning, Wednesday, and see when he can go home. Let's pray it's at least by the end of the week! Selfishly, that way I won't have to turn around after I get home from Amarillo to get back to Lubbock. I tell Judy I bet she'll get him home by Saturday.

Dad is doing his morning PT right now and will go to dialysis this afternoon. I need to run to Wal Mart and do some other errands so I better get things put away here. Thank you all for your prayers and keep them up!!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Baby blue blanket

And a picture of Dad after his first full day of rehab therapy. Remember the blanket I was telling you about in the last post? Didn't get a picture of it because just as I was finishing it up yesterday, one of the housekeeping ladies fell in love with it and I sold it to her! I realized I'd not gotten a picture until she was long gone with it. This baby blue blanket was the easiest one yet. It really does look like bubbles when you're done. The pattern didn't call for an edging, but I thought it could use one and it really finished it off. This one goes to my son's step-daughter's new baby boy born last Monday. Congratulations, Tabitha!

I think Dad is tired, lol. He had a shower after his therapy this afternoon, took a short nap, ate dinner, and is sacked out again. I may have to wake him up in a little bit so he can still have some sleep left in him tonight. He (and I) was up at least 4 times last night. I usually have to help him get up off the toilet, but twice, he didn't wait for me and walked out without my help. Then, there are other times when he just can't get up. His muscles sure need more training, but he's doing very well.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Busy week

Wow, I didn't realize I hadn't posted in a week! We've been busy. Dad is now in rehab, officially. It began in earnest this morning when the Occupational Therapist came in at 8:30. Dad had already eaten and dressed himself so she didn't have much to do. I decided to go on to get breakfast since now we are in a room located right above the cafeteria. When I got on the elevator, I couldn't help but tell the lady in there with me that I felt like a mother sending her child off to school for the first time! LOL

I'm finishing up the border on another little crocheted baby afghan. My son's stepdaughter had a little boy last week so I figured I'd get one done for her since I haven't had a chance to make the quilt I was planning on. Picture later...

Guess I'll sit here and wait to see when they bring Dad back. We don't know yet when, or if, he will have dialysis again. He did have it on Friday since his numbers had gone back up. As soon as I catch his nurse, I'll see if she can give me any news.