Sunday, November 09, 2008

A few more little things

I am trying to find quick and easy gifts to make for Christmas. Here are a couple of items I've auditioned. The first is a Chapstick cozy. I suppose it could hold a smaller lipstick, too. Definitely not hard to make. If I make any more, I'll probably omit the snap and use velcro or nothing at all. The flap seems to stay where it belongs even without help.
The fabric basket took a little longer to make. The instructions call for piecing the top part so I thought if I used just a piece of fabric, it would go much quicker. It does. But, I'm wondering, as did my sister, what would people do with it? I have plenty of uses around my sewing machine but not everyone sews.
Since it's Sunday morning, I must get dressed and get to Dad's to fix breakfast. I was gone last weekend, so I like to think he missed me :-). Have a great Sunday!

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Shasta said...

I always wonder about the little giftie things as well - will people be able to find a use for it, etc. The bag can be used for lots of things depending on the size, clothespins, makeup, cotton balls, collections of something or another, incoming mail, etc., but the recipient does have to be open to finding a use for it. I think it would make a lovely reusable gift bag.