Friday, October 09, 2009

Ask, and you shall receive..

If I have time, that is. :-) Who wouldn't have time to make another one of these little caps? If you read comments from my last entry, April mentioned that Kerrington wanted one of these, too. How can I deny my granddaughter?? I had tried the first cap on Kerrington and could tell it was too small for her (just right for a newborn, I think) so I just used a little larger hook. I want to go by Hobby Lobby and find some of that new-fangled yarn they have out and make a few more. Maybe even for some of our larger heads! LOL

It's Friday again and a busy day ahead. Jim and I took a ride over to the Senior Citizen center yesterday and got our flu shots. It was the first time I'd been there. I saw a few ladies I hadn't seen in a while. Seems like this is the hangout!

Our heater is on the blink. We're trying to decide if we should continue to have repairmen come and "fix" it (which hasn't happened after three or four visits) or just bite the bullet and have a whole new unit installed. Bet we end up having to get a new one. It was 36 degrees outside this morning and 69 inside. I don't mind it, but Jim needs a little more warmth. He's not menopausing! lol But, I surely don't want to be caught with subzero temps outside and no heat to speak of.

Off to finish getting ready. Have a good weekend!

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ANudge said...

Cute little hats, V. LOL - now its my turn to ask. Did you get a package from me?

Have a great day - and yes, I would go get a new unit. I am the cold wimp in our house.