Thursday, October 01, 2009


I've been trying to find a pattern for a crocheted hat that works up quickly and is cute. I may have just found it! I made this one last night in an hour and a half. I know how long it took because I was listening to my Scentsy training audio and that's how long it lasted. By the way, the training session I was in on last night had 1,000 people hooked up to it! The largest session Scentsy has ever had. They were instructing us in the new website changes. Can't wait to place my first order on the new site!


swooze said...

Is that a baby hat? Care to share the source?

RubyShoe Creations said...

Very cute and well done! Will you be sharing your pattern?

ANudge said...

Cute hat! Where did you get the pattern. Is there a boy version?