Sunday, October 18, 2009

Quiltlet 2009

I decided to go ahead and participate in this year's quiltlet swap on QOR. For a while I didn't think I'd take the time but the longer I looked at these blocks on my wall, the more I knew I wanted to do something with them. I made the blocks from cut off corners that came from blocks made for the Starlight quilt (still in progress). I hope I can continue to use the cast offs to make other little projects. I made the blocks during those times I would stay overnight with Dad. He would take the cut off pieces and stack them nicely because he said it would help me work faster. He loved helping even in a small way.

I am a little upset that I didn't take more time to match up points, but it's ok. I really enjoyed planning, drawing and working the trapunto.

Now I need to make a label for it and then it will go in the mail. It should be out the door before the end of the week.

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Wilma NC said...

That's so pretty. I join in a doll quilt swap a few times a year on I love the little quilts, even bought a doll bed to display them on.