Sunday, February 09, 2014

A day's work

I am mostly happy with what I've done. Still need small borders on the very top. Why I didn't put them on before I sewed them together... Since the quilt "feels" too wide to me, I'm going to border the top and bottom with a 4" border, I think and 2" on either side just to bring it all together. That will give me room to do some feather quilting, maybe. 
I finished KK's fingerless Valentine mittens and one of Kelton's. There's another one made, but it's getting "unknitted" because I was not happy with it. 

Time to sit and watch some of the Olympics. I was just in the kitchen putting a dessert in the oven. Did you know butter will explode while melting in the microwave? Yup. And, I broke an egg while taking it out of the fridge. I started thinking that maybe I shouldn't be making dessert since it doesn't look like I'll be fixing dinner! Lol After my kitchen mishaps, I think I'll leave the quilt for another day.

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Becca said...

When I make up t-shirt quilts, I cut everything so it will work with a 2.5" (2" finished) strip. So a 10.5" tee design and a strip will fit together perfectly with a 12.5" cut tee. Granted, it still takes some planning, but it does make it easier to piece it all together.