Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday after Valentine's Day

I never know what day it is when I first open my eyes. I had an idea yesterday that I should fix seven note cards, each with a day of the week, and prop the appropriate card in front of my alarm clock each night. Just a thought. 

Friday, at work, I kept saying, "people call today Valentine's Day. My husband calls it Friday!" (I read that somewhere and thought it sounded like Jim 😊) No sooner had I said that for the twelfth time, and in walked a fella carrying a beautiful 6-roses arrangement. From Jim. 
I called to thank him and he said,"I just thought I'd blow your mind!" Lol. And, he did. Thank you, honey!  I had to tell him, though, that his son had beat him to it. I found the smaller  (but still beautiful) looking arrangement, on my desk. His card said something like, "Listen here, Jack! I mean, Mom!" Lol it was a Duck Dynasty inspired card and he proceeded to thank me for all I do and that he loves me. He's a sweet boy and I love helping them all I can. Thank you, Robert!

So, it is Sunday again. I hope to quilt on the tshirt quilt all day. I can't wait to put it into its owner's hands!

I have finished the mug rugs for my swap partner, Satu in Finland. I will post pictures here once I know she had received them. 

Saturday night, we went to Rib Crib. We had not had a chance to celebrate April's birthday (January 10) so we took time out for some family time. This is not a picture you see often. I LOVE it!
Here you have three generations. Robert, Kelton and Papaw Jim. 


Deb said...

Hi Veronica, its been absolute ages since I last chatted to you. I hope you and Jim are well and boy I'm really impressed about the roses, well done Jim definitely brownie points earned there! I can't believe how big your grandson has got, the time just flies by doesn't it.
Much love and take care

Linda J said...

lovely family. K is getting so big, so fast!