Friday, February 07, 2014

Moving right along..

Sewing these tshirts together is proving to be quite a challenge. All the ones I've worked before have been cut out to the same dimensions but these have way bigger logos and some smaller. So, I have some work cut out for me to determine the size of the connecting strips. It's a challenge and one I hope to tackle this weekend. In the meantime..

Knitted fingerless gloves for KK. I'm halfway finished with the second one in hopes that she can wear them on Valentines Day. As she found out yesterday, though, they're not to be worn while playing in the snow! Lol

One final piece included in this week's project lineup is a mug rug. I'm in a swap that requires two mug rugs made in honor of the Sochi Olympics. As much as I'd like to be sewing, though, I need to get ready for work. I bid you adios until Sunday, maybe. 

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