Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Are you tired of these yet?

I only ask if you're tired of seeing pictures of the tablerunners because I'm gettin' there! lol If you're saying, "She's posted a picture of this one before!" Not true...this one is a little different. The first Santa and Snowmen has cornerstones and the two figures are in the middle with a santa and snowman at either end. The first one was bought yesterday by my massage therapist and she already has it hanging in her office! I told you these are bigger than the other runners.

I have done other things between these runners. No, I haven't quilted those Christmas gifts. But, I have made another pretty for my sister for Christmas. Can't show you that one yet 'cause Judy reads this periodically. You'll have to wait to see that one after Christmas. Or, if you come to the shop, I might have it there. I've also made another Midget block. Ten of them made, so far. I've got this week's block to work on.

I would really like to do a gingerbread man runner. I even have an applique pattern for one, but I haven't decided on the overall placement. That may be one for next year.

Time for me to get going. The cleaning ladies will be here this morning and I still have to pick up a few things around here. Jim is off today and since it's supposed to be rainy and/or snowy, I guess he'll not play any golf. But, he was wondering what he's going to do while the ladies are here. Of course, he runs out to the base and goes to the commissary on his days off. That's one good thing about the fact that he smokes! He buys his cigarettes at the base so, while he's there, he picks up groceries! I don't like to go out there, so I started making him a list, "since you're going to be there, anyway!" Right? Although, the commissary doesn't always carry the brands I want.

Whew! It's hot in here. I've got the door closed to the sewing room so I don't wake Jim and the heater is working very well. Maybe it's MY heater adding to it! lol

Oh, I've also got another little project going on the side. I decided I needed another knitted dishrag. Someone gave me several a while back and I really enjoy them. I found a pattern called "Can it get any easier than this?" so I thought I'd give it a try. I worked on one last night for about 30 minutes and I can see where it will go quickly once I get my rhythm down.

That reminds me..I need to go clean up my mess in the den...

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