Monday, November 20, 2006

Good Monday morning

I thought I had already posted a picture of this runner. Someone wanted one with a Southwest theme and I thought this fabric was a little different and could be made up with some Christmas colors. This one I worked up Saturday night.
Here is my weekend project. This one has been a pain. The panels were not easy to square up since it seems to me they were printed on a little bit crooked. Maybe if I'd taken the time to block each square before sewing, but I didn't realize it until after I'd sewn the border on. There again, it's done and maybe someone will take it home and love it. lol

This is a picture of an interlaced block I was telling Linda about. I made this block for a pillow about 10 years ago. Like I told her, everytime I see it, I want to make more! So, when she showed us her quilt with this block, I just had to pull up this picture.

It's Monday again, and my day off. Since I've finished the snowmen I think I'll go pay some bills, change the sheets on the beds and do some laundry before I leave the house. My youngest son, Robert, is coming home today for Thanksgiving so I'd like to be back home by the time he gets here.

I bought more Christmas fabric yesterday at Hancock's. Hopefully, I can make up a few more runners. They seem to be a big hit with the ladies at work. Oh, I also bought a Janome Mini sewing machine. Don't really know why, except that maybe it's one I can carry to classes. As if I didn't already have one, or two...

Off to do Monday chores.


Anonymous said...

Yep, you are definitely the runner queen! But I bet these will be going for Christmas gifts and such.

The interlocked square was a fun block once you get going. Did you miter the corners or square them off---just curious! If you did the miter then I am super impressed. Great way to focus at the neat print at center, I think.

Angie said...

You ARE the tablerunner queen, girlfriend, and that are all wonderful!! I just wish I had even part of them made up for gifts. :D

Patti said...

That really is a neat block - it frames the center so nicely!

Can't believe how many table runners you are finishing! I sure hope you are charging a good price for them. Don't undervalue your work!