Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Tablerunner fatigue

Oh boy...I'm thinkin' it's time to close up shop on the tablerunner business. lol After making this last one, I told my sister I am "runner-ed out"! I really enjoy making these but, after a while, I get to where I can't seem to put the colors together. Now, with this one, I'm having trouble deciding how to quilt it. I think I'll end up doing an all-over, big stipple on the Santas since I've already quilted several lines of stitching around the piece just to stabilize it. Then again, I may just outline the figures and leave it at that.

Here we have the little Janome Sew Mini I bought at Hancock's the other day. They had a little sale going and with proceeds from my runners, I thought I'd just buy me another sewing machine. Since I can't afford, right now, a brand new, full-size Janome this will have to do for now. I haven't even plugged it in to try it. I think it will work well to carry to club and classes. (As if I didn't have 2 or 3 to take!)

I have been spending money this weekend as though I have it! LOL I had my nails done yesterday AND a deluxe pedicure. Boy, did that ever feel good. No more deluxe,though. Not much different than a regular except for the price.

Today is a work day and I bet it gets busy. People will realize that they need a haircut before all the relatives arrive for Thanksgiving so I'll have some last minute hairdos to take care of.

Robert is home for the holidays so he and his dad, who is off today, will probably spend the day on the golf course. Must be nice...:-) I'm glad they have something in common. It's time to shower and get ready for the day. Get that turkey out of the freezer!


Patti said...

What a cute little machine! I'm eager to hear how it sews.

I really like the way you did the edge of this runner - prairie points, right? I just bet you are tired of making them. I did production work for bazaars for 7 years - teddy bears, dolls, pot holders, pillows, and lots more. I got so sick of doing it - especially the assembly line production of many, many items almost all alike. At least yours are all different, which gave you a little variety to enjoy.

Clare said...

I'm not surprised that you are "all table runnered out"! That sewing machine is cute.

Happy holiday.