Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tablerunner Frenzy

Alright. I know you're probably saying, "Does this girl not have anything better to do than tablerunners?". Well, of course I do, but these things are so fast and easy that that I just can't NOT make them! These two I made yesterday afternoon and last night. The pattern is courtesy of another seamstress friend. I say "seamstress" because she is a fledgling quilter but an accomplished clothing maker.

I've got some quilt tops to finish for WTIL and those Christmas gifts so, you see, I do have lots to do. But, I really need some "instant gratification" at times and these seem to fit the bill. Athough, my sewing room is a total disaster this time of year.

Won't get home from work as early today so I may only get one of these done tonight. I bought more Christmas fabric at Ben Franklin's yesterday. Couldn't help's at 60% off. Also bought another bag of batting since all items are at 50%.

Maybe I'll cut the pieces for another runner before I go to work this morning. This techique is a "sew-as-you-go" but you have to assemble the pieces before placing on the batting and backing. The most time consuming is attaching the binding so I think I'll just use the sewing machine for the entire process. I like the way it leaves the binding looking a little wider on the front since I bring it from back to front (as in the first runner) rather than front to back (the second runner) and then attached to the back by hand. Too much work. LOL

Time to get James out of the house. Enjoy your Thursday!


Pam's Creative Mind said...

I think we should dub you "Queen of Tablerunners"! Great job...and don't be surprised to see a few of your ideas showing up on other can we resist, they are just too cute and quick not to make a few as well.

Angie said...

I love ALL of your tablerunners! You go, girlfriend!! :D Do you suppose you could share the pattern for these runners or point me in the direction of finding the pattern for them? Thanks bunches!

Jan said...

Table runners are beautiful. Patterns/or sizes please....