Friday, November 17, 2006

One more runner, but not the last....

The first one I did like this, the picture is in a previous post, was such a big hit at the shop that I had to make another one. In fact, I have two more orders! I could've sold those crooked snowmen 3 times over today! Everyone likes the smaller runners, but the snowmen got the rave reviews.

When am I going to get to my big stuff?! Soon, I think. I'll make two more runners then I'll start the big projects. Oh, I did use a navy print around the second runner. I think it "finishes" the pattern better than the red I used in the first one. But, the first one looks pretty good in person.

Okay, enough for tonight. I'm tired. It was a busy day at work and will be busy again tomorrow, thank you, Lord! and customers... lol


Anonymous said...

Yep, Pam is right--the table runner queen lately. And all of them so different. I gotta say I like the tilted snowmen too---looks more serendipitous and fun??

I know for a fact that you have tons of full sized quilts made too!

Anonymous said...

Great to see that Judy has joined the ranks of quilter's. You go girl!!!!! Your quilt looks great> Glad to hear your Dad is out of surgery. Veronica , your table runners are great. Keep up the good work.

God Bless Amy