Saturday, November 25, 2006

Lottery block quilt

This quilt is made with blocks donated from members of Quilts on Review (QOR). We have a monthly block lottery where those who want to play send in two blocks, a set, and one goes into the charity pile and the other becomes part of the lottery pot. A name is then drawn once a month from the participants and they win the pot. The charity pile blocks are sewn into a quilt to go to a deserving person. I'm not quite sure yet where this one will go, but I have an idea. The back fabric and front border are dinosaurs. Actually, I had first anticipated that it would go to a little boy for Christmas, but I had a thought that maybe it should go to a little girl I know. The quilting is kinda

That's what I've been doing this Saturday night. Judy and I are taking a break from the gym. Hopefully, we'll get back to the routine starting tomorrow.

The sale of the tablerunners has been excellent! So much so that I picked up a bit more fabric today to make a few more. I'll try to work on one tomorrow and Monday. I need to get some exchange blocks done as well as a Christmas block for the party on the 11th. Still have a while for that one.

It's nearing midnight so I better close. No more sewing tonight 'cause I'll make more mistakes than I care to rip out.


Hedgehog said...

I know what you mean about the mistakes that happen during late night sewing! So glad the table runners are doing well!

joyce said...

Great idea for getting charity quilts made. I like the way you have done the backing.

Linda_J said...

That un-sewing and also recutting is what took so long with my recent projects---ugh! Smart girl to put it aside when things are not going well.

Terrific idea on the block lotto, Veronica. You did this as your reversible quilt process, right?

And more runners? Wow, everyone in your town will have one at this rate, LOL.