Sunday, January 20, 2008

Another beautiful Sunday

Outstide, anyway! My sewing room is still a mess, but I have finally undertaken the job of weeding out my scraps. I've decided that my students (Judy and April) and I need to make this quilt. So, I will cut my medium to dark scraps into 5 1/2" squares and 5 1/2" x 3 1/2" strips. I'll need to buy the light fabric, unless I find I have enough scraps for that, too. I imagine I have enough scraps for each of us to make a quilt, and then some. I told them this will be our year-long project. It's not a hard pattern. I think the most time-consuming aspect of it will be the actual cutting of the scraps. But, now that I have a quilt in mind, I am psyched!

Here is one pile of scraps. I know, I know! What a mess. This pile doesn't look as bad right now since I've rearranged the scraps to be a little more controlled. lol yeah, right! This picture was taken a few months ago, so the pile is actually a bit taller now but not so scattered. But, remember, there are at least two more piles almost this big!
Alrighty! Here are the first piles of the scraps that have been cut. These two piles represent only about half of the amount of squares and strips needed for one quilt. If I come in here and cut for about 15 min. at a time, I should be able to get all the scraps, okay, most of them, cut in about a month. LOL Oh, I'm also cutting 2 1/2" strips because I really enjoy doing scrappy bindings. And, I've got a pile of 2" strips just in case I have a mind to work on some Log Cabins.

I've been doing all this while waiting for April to text me with news about how Rob is doing. He's been having some back pain, radiating to the front and it has affected his breathing a bit. They are at the ER and she wrote to tell me that they say he has pleurisy but he will be fine. He got a shot in the butt (he'll be glad to know that I've told the world! lol) and was sent home with meds and instructions to rest. Apparently, he should be well enough to go to work tomorrow. Thank you, April, for taking such good care of him!

I've also finished the binding on the last Cow-oh-boy quilt I made last year. 'Bout time! I'd forgotten all about it. It was in a sack, by the door, full of other fabrics. I have also quilted 12 lotto blocks in preparation to put them together for a deserving person in our list.


Norma said...

I love the quilt pattern you have chosen. I have seen this pattern before, but I never thought of using it to use up my pile of scraps. Thanks for reminding me about a great pattern. By the way, your pile of scraps looks familiar--I think I have a similar pile here in my quilt studio!

Susan said...

Great pattern - perfect for lots of scraps. You will all have a great time, and so many scraps will be used!

Linda_J said...

Hi, Veronica--sorry to be so late in popping over here. (I have gotten so behind on blog reading again.) Hope Rob and your dad are feeling better by now--you too for that matter since you said you thought you were coming down with something at years end.

Hurray for April making that first quilt. A beaming face shown holding it up for its official snap shot, I might add and deservedly so.

Vestibule is one of my fav quilt patterns and I should consider joining you in making one especially if I had a bunch of nickels cut.

Keep plugging on cutting your way through your fabric pile, girlfriend as that mess isn't doing you much good like that. You feel bad about it and you are missing out on the quilts that might be hiding in there! Pressing them to cut is the worst part but cutting for 15-30 minutes will eventually clear it all out. Maybe Rob would be willing to help while April and Judy sew?

Tracey in CT said...

That is a great pattern! I'm going to eventually do that in Chrsitmas fabrics (someday). Hopefully it will make a nice dent in the scraps, but remember how they multiply when the pile gets fluffed!!

Shelina said...

That is a great pattern - I made one like it, with bigger squares. Mostly though, I just loved seeing your pile of scraps. It makes me want to roll in it, like you would roll in leaves. It looks like so much fun.

Paula said...

I love that quilt! I can't wait to see your version. I just love scrappy quilts and I suppose I'll have to add this pattern to my list of quilts to make, someday!