Sunday, January 13, 2008

Kids quilts almost done

Here's the second of the quilts I'm getting ready for the kids in the Christmas Day fire. I'd like to get them sent off this week. The big squares quilt needs binding. I'm taking them to group tomorrow for show and tell and the fish quilt with the brown and red back will be part of my class sample. I've got the program tomorrow and I'll be demonstrating "quilt-as-you-go". That's why two of the sides are not yet quilted. I want to show how to apply the borders after the body is quilted without having to use the sashing strips.
This is the front of this quilt.

Rob and April came by last night to visit and Rob stood at the entrance to my sewing room and asked, "How would you feel if I came in and just got rid of all your little piles in this room?" LOL I didn't know how to answer at first but he nailed it when he said he figured I'd be mad but glad at the same time! I don't know why it's been such an ordeal for me to get even one corner of this room straightened out! I keep saying, "As soon as I finish THIS quilt, I'll clean the room!" Hasn't happened yet and I'm getting awfully antsy about it. I think my creativity is beginning to suffer from all this chaos. It used to be "organized chaos", but, no more! See, instead of sitting here, griping about it, I should be up and doing it! lol I think I'll go take a nap before I have to go check on Dad.
This is the back of the fish front.


Franie said...

Oh my gosh so cool! You are wonderful to do this. I could not believe it--the light aqua border and looks like might be in the blocks too of fish--right?--I just found that fabric in my stash the other day and washed it today as contemplating putting it on the back of my grandson's quilt, I think I got that fabric from Ben Franklin's a couple of years ago. It is really cool fabric and washed up nicely. Nice work as always Veronica!

Steph said...

Your Rob sounds like my Don! I can't for the life of me figure out how things get so out of place so quick! I am looking at my desk and cutting table and I too just find something else to take care of instead of just plowing through it! I agree, it affects my creativity as well and it can be so frustrating!!
Beautiful Quilts! They will be cherished!

Steph said...

Hi Again Veronica! I have gifted you with the 'You Make My Day' Badge!

Lindy from Indy said...

What a great quilt - Veronica! Having been in a house fire (my son and I) I can tell you that this will bring such comfort in so many ways and to more than just the person in the family who it is gifted too! What an awesome thing for you to do..... Blessings, Lindy

Susan said...

Another great quilt for those children! I don't think I'd let Rob in, if I were you. =) The back of the fish quilt is almost as fabulous as the front!