Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Is she happy, or what?

 Here's April with her first quilt. I say first, because she already has fabric for two more! She had a little trouble with this one because she, or maybe Rob, or both! got a little "snip-happy" and there were a few holes that needed patching up after washing and drying. But, it was nothing we couldn't fix. And, it only took her 2 days! A few more days because we had to fix the holes, but 2 days, start to finish! Am I a good teacher, or what!? LOL Great job, April! Thanks to Robert for helping her 'cause I KNOW he did some snipping. He's helped me do that before.

I have spent the evening working on April's birthday present. I am bound and determined to have it done in time for her birthday, tomorrow. With Dad in the hospital, I didn't think I was going to finish it, but I'm getting there.

Speaking of Dad, he's doing ok. He just needed some blood since he's been losing some due to some bleeding. They will do a colonoscopy soon. Please pray that there is nothing serious going on.

Time for bed since I need to be at the hospital by 7 a.m. and work by 9:30.
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Susan said...

Her quilt looks great! Pass along my congratulations, too. Is she doing two more like this one, or tackling a different kind next time?

I hope your dad will be back out in no time. Are they doing the colonoscopy before they send him home?

jillquilts said...

April's quilt looks great! Nice teaching job! :D

I hope that your dad is OK and I will keep you and him in my thoughts today!