Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Feeling better - spent time in the sewing room...

I thought I'd better get the lotto blocks out of the way. We're doing this in our local group. February's blocks are hearts. I might make another one of the big heart since the four small hearts didn't line up exactly like I wanted them to.
This bib is for the new baby due in May. I wanted to continue the theme I have going with the sports quilt. I still need to put a velcro closure on it. The pattern I took this from had an Overall Bill applique on it. I substituted with the football.
The sports quilt still needs the borders sewn on and then quilted. I still have until April to finish it, but getting it done now will save me from rushing at the last minute.

It's not been a fun two days. I was sick, sick last night. Must've had a stomach bug. I went to work this morning, but left early. I didn't feel as bad today as I did yesterday, but now I'm beat. Time to go to bed.


Susan said...

I love the hearts - both of them. The small one has such busy fabrics, I couldn't tell that it wasn't perfect. What a great pattern. Do you do those curves as one, or as two Drunkard's Path blocks?

Pat said...

I really like the rail fence with the applique sports balls...a perfect gift for a family of sports enthusiats. Thanks for posting the link to the tissue holders...I think they would make great favors for my guild's end of the year party (we only have 40 members!...only?) I really enjoy watching your quilting progress. Hope you are feeling better.