Sunday, March 02, 2008

Another Nativity

Some of you might remember the Nativity Scene I worked up in December. It was made with a pattern called "Window Panes". I've been toying with the idea that I could make it up using an actual Attic Window pattern. I ordered several more Nativity panels and this one was different from the others. I closed my eyes (well, not really) and just jumped right in and starting cutting and sewing. I wanted to do a perspective attic window but I have no pattern to go by and my head just hurt too much today to even try to figure it out. So, I did a traditional Attic Window, added borders and I like it. The wavy part of the border is just that I didn't smooth it out on the flannel design wall.

So, Jim asks me, "Are you looking in or out of this window?" I hadn't even thought about it! Upon further thought, I realized that you must be looking out of the window since you can see sky! LOL Oh, a side note...The blue border fabric was bought just last night as an impulse buy when I stopped by Hobby Lobby for fabric for the mini kaleidoscope. I saw this rolled up piece of fabric in the remnant bin and just picked it up. Works perfectly for this piece.

My headache is much better now so I think I'll have a bowl of cereal. We're listening to the wind blowing outstide bringing in some winter weather. Maybe I'll have to stay in tomorrow and sew!


Deb Sews Quilts said...

This is absolutely beautiful!!!!!

Gina said...

That's fabulous. I'm going to have to have a go at that.

love and hugs xxx

JudyL said...

I love what you did with the nativity scene window! I've never thought about whether you'd be looking in or out of the window on those type quilts!

Susan said...

I love your Nativity quilt.f