Saturday, May 17, 2008

A new purse!

I finally figured out how to put a zipper in a bag and have it look good! LOL Thank you, Vickie! This purse still needs a button on the front pocket and the zipper ends need to be tacked down a little better, but for all intents and purposes, it is done! I love it! I think I will make a few more. This may make a nice Christmas gift for someone...
I finished the back pocket a little different than the instructions asked for. Since I used prequilted fabric, I had to finish the top of the pocket somehow. I used a technique I use on my favorite bag and just put a little binding strip on the top. Did I mention I really like this bag? lol

Breaking news....We are going to Ruidoso in the morning and taking DAD!! Please pray that we have a safe and uneventful trip, (other than maybe winning a good jackpot!) lol I think I'll take my laptop and report on our trip on location. That is, if they have free internet but I'm bettin' they don't. If not, I'll post when I get home.


Sewbaby said...

Okay...I have to know where you got that fabric from. My mom is a Red Hatter and that fabric would be perfect for her.



Gina said...

That's a bright purse. Looks good.

I'll be keeping you and your dad in my thoughts.

love and hugs xxx

Gail said...

Darling bag. Have a fun and safe trip with your Dad.