Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Small projects

Again, I am in "hurry up and get it done" mode. I haven't started another large quilt since I'm having too much fun working, and finishing, smaller projects. These placemats were quilted a bit differently than the last set. I'm not sure which I prefer, since these took a long time, but I kinda like the look. The others were just quilted with a decorative stitch in-the-ditch to make the X in the middle to hold the 3 pieces together.

The bags were made for friends and family. You know who you are, and April, if you see this before I get it to you, here's a bag for you! lol
The dog bag was made for a special friend in Wyoming who was needing a pick-me-up, and a new bag!

Off to get ready for work. I'm running late again. Had to pay the monthly bills this morning since I forgot to do it on Monday morning.

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Susan said...

Oh I love the fruity version of the placemats, too! The bags are too cool. Is the dog one for Judy? If so, she'll love it!