Monday, May 26, 2008

We've only just begun...

Yes, the StarLight quilt is underway! There will be three of them since each of us will be making our own quilt. April, Judy and I spent the afternoon cutting the beige or cream-colored fabric that will ultimately be the stars in this wonderfully scrappy quilt. I think April was a little upset that we won't be able to quilt-as-you-go with this one. I hope we will be able to quilt it in three or four sections, though, and it won't be so overwhelming. Like she says, though, it'll be another few years before we get to that point! LOL Oh ye, of little faith.. April actually sewed several squares together to get the feel of it. Judy was not too far behind. She had to change blades in her rotary cutter so it set her back a few minutes. Not that we were in a contest! lol April gets impatient to see the end result -- a lot like me! I just want to hurry up and finish so I can see what it looks like. Now that I see a picture of it on here, I can tell that the large squares will have to be darker than the light pink one in the last row. More contrast really shows the stars. So, April and Judy, when working with yours, don't even use the light squares. There shouldn't be too many of them.

While the girls were sewing, Joe installed blinds in Judy's dining room and Rob put up a mirror and then started the hamburgers. Robert has become quite a cook since he and April got married. We had a nice dinner of hamburgers on the grill, sausages, potato salad, chips, and chocolate chip cookies. Jim and Dad stayed in their respective homes and so had dinner brought later.

I don't plan on going to work tomorrow since I don't have any customers scheduled. I think I'll try to work in my sewing room. Cleaning, not sewing :-( I am going to work on the StarLight rectangles for a while tonight.


Gina said...

The quilt looks great.

Knowing you I take it you are planning to have the whole quilt pieced and quilted by the end of next month? LOL

love and hugs xx

MakesMeSmile said...

Oh! Now I can't wait to start putting mine together! I have all the corner pieces on all the rectangles. Just a matter of laying them out and joining now. Not sure how I'm going to do that, since the cats think it's so much fun to run under loose pieces in a quilt top

Grove City OH