Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sewing room disorganization

Oh my goodness! What was I thinking! I started sorting through "stuff" (I really want to use **another** word, lol) in the closet in this room and it has overwhelmed me! Just pulling from the closet into the room has made a huge pile of more ugliness! lol Now I have a little trail from the door to my desk. The picture shows what a bigger mess I've made. yuck

There were clothes in the closet that need to go to Goodwill. I forgot I have a box full of old clothes patterns from when I used to sew for myself and the boys. Do you think they might be worth anything? Some of them were only 75 cents! Most were $1. I hate to throw them away. As I look through them it brings back so many memories, but I just can't store them forever..can I? And, suitcases! Oh my goodness. I'll not use these ever again because they don't have wheels.

I want to clean out the closet not only to get rid of junk, but to have a place to stack the drawers I now have under my cutting table. I think that will give them easier access. If Jim can fix the light in the closet, that will be even better. lol I asked him to change the lightbulb in the closet, but something is wrong with the wiring. He'll work on it until it's fixed, though. That's the way he is. Thank you, honey!

Earlier, Judy had called and said, "Let's go eat." How could I say no especially when I was needing a break? We took Dad his dinner and I came on home. I decided to post this picture in order to give me an impetus (definition - stimulation or encouragement resulting in increased activity!) That's what I need, encouragement. I'm sitting here looking around at the piles of stuff and I don't even know where to continue. But, I will. I've turned the television on and am listening to Reba. I don't have to actually watch the show since I've seen them all at least 15 times. lol

Yes, I'm procrastinating...again. I'm off to organize!

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Yvonne said...

Oh V you can do it! First take everything you want to give away and put it in the living room or garage and aske Hubby to take it tomorrow to get it out of the house. I don't know what to tell you about the patterns though. I have mine in a huge plastic tub in the attic. Work for awhile and quit and then go back. I make a big mess if I try to stay focused for too long of a time and end up just stuffing things here and yonder to get it put away. LOL... Good luck. Y