Tuesday, May 27, 2008

See the difference?

No, I didn't lose my mind for a minute. This is another picture of the Star Lights on the wall. I changed out the light pink fabric in the bottom row of the last picture. Can you see the difference? I think I may need to change out a few more pieces, too. Seriously, the darker, the better. The pattern calls for medium to dark prints and boy, are they right. lol I'm not so sure that even the medium prints will work for me. Oh, and these two pics only show a little part of what the finished quilt will be. It calls for 12 of the 5.5" blocks across the top with the rectangles inbetween and 12 rows down. The quilt should finish at 93" x 109". Thanks to all who have stopped by to comment or sent emails. I love hearing from all of you!

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Anonymous said...

nice looking quilt! I read your blog faithfully. I was a hairdresser from MA but had to quit when I married and became instant mom of two. I kept my license for quite a few years but let it go a few years ago. to do the styles today would need a refresher course anyway!. keep up the good work. Isnt it funny how the internet brings people with like interests together.
Dawn in MA