Friday, May 30, 2008

Thread surprise!

No, I didn't find these spools of thread in my unending pile of stuff! LOL One of my very generous clients brought these boxes of thread to the shop today. She has been cleaning out and has, in the past, brought me yards and yards of fabric that I have been able to use. Most of the fabric has been utilized in the comfort quilts shown in previous posts. The small spools are all wooden so I imagine the thread is pretty old. Do you think it will still be good enough to use in piecing? The other thread is much newer.

We celebrated Dad's 78th birthday at his house tonight. I made red chili enchiladas and Spanish rice. April and Rob brought the cake. Jim, Judy and Joe made up the rest of the party. I'm ashamed to admit that this is the first time I have ever made red chili! I told Judy that I didn't have to know how since either she or Mom always made it when we had enchiladas or chili and pork. Dad sat at the table and supervised my chili-making experience. I think we did a great job! I liked it, anyway.

Jim and I moved the big chest of drawers that was in the sewing room. We carried it out to the pickup. He and Rob have some errands to run tomorrow so they will take it where it is needed. I want to replace the chest with shelving. I hope to find something at Walmart or Lowe's tomorrow.

I was going to do some sorting tonight, but I am too tired. It was crazy at work today. Tomorrow will be the same. Leota is taking the week off next week, so I will be pretty busy. I hope I can get my room in order so I can just sit and sew when I get home from work.

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April and Robert said...

Wow that is a lot of thread...Now get back to work.. I want some carrot cake sometime this year! LOL