Thursday, July 17, 2008

Antique quilt!

This is what was under the yellow quilt with the kitten pictures! I talked to my aunt tonight and she says that when the old quilts would get worn and torn, they were used as the "innards" for a new quilt. That's what's happened here, apparently. As you can see, the quilt top is very damaged, probably beyond repair.

I found it interesting that the fabric inside, or under the yellow centers, did not seem to fade like the rest of the blades that make up the pattern. I also notice that the pattern was sewn together then appliqued to a strip along the side. The back of the quilt was pieced and that fabric seems to have held up very well. I haven't really examined what is inbetween the two layers, but whatever it is, it's very heavy. I think there are several different layers of different fabrics.

I will use the yellow framed kitten blocks to make a baby quilt for "our baby" (I hope Rob and April are ready to hear a lot of that phrase! LOL) In fact, I want to re-work the other, flower block quilt, into a baby quilt, too. A baby can never have enough hug quilts, right?

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Gail said...

What a great find Veronica. I have heard of that alot, and it makes alot of 'cents', to recycle like that. In fact I am thinking on doing that with the quilt that is on our bed, it is one I bought from JC Penny before I started quilting. Will make a perfect batting for a new quilt.