Saturday, July 05, 2008

Runaround Bags

Lazy Girl Designs have so many cute and easy bag patterns. This one is especially easy and I think it will be my choice for gifts this year. The handle is tied only for ease of picture-taking. I'm going to have to find a sale on 12 - 14" zippers! This one took about an hour to make only because I had to read and re-read the directions just so I wouldn't have to rip out anything.

What a busy day at work! Sometimes I wonder if it's worth the misunderstandings that inevitably occur when changing appointments that clients are so used to having. But, everything turned out fine. I am very tired tonight, but when I stepped into my sewing room and remembered I wanted to work on this purse, boom! my energy returned - just like that! (finger snapping!) lol Now that the bag is finished, I'm tired again.

Rob and April took us by their new house, er, the lot the house will be built on. How exciting to be young and so full of future plans! I am simultaneously ecstatic and scared for them. But, with prayers and lots of common sense, I think these two will be just fine.


Myra said...

A very sweet little bag! Good gift idea!
I know exactly how you are feeling at the end of a busy hairdressing day! Used to be one! 8-)
Happy stitchings!

Franie said...

I love your color choices and fabrics for the bag. Very clever little bag. You are always up to something new and clever and I love your enthusiasm.

As for your son and his wife, it will all be fine. I just hope they don't go overboard with their first house and want it all the first time around.

Barb said...

Hi veronica, I love the new bag!!!! I surely do know what it is like with changing customers apppointments, lol. The other day i had one woman FLY through the door, saying oh good, I made it, I made it, ....and she was a hour early! Lol. Thank God we have sewing to relax us, Barb from ocean waves quilts.

ak in australia said...

Congratulations on finishing the bag. You are so good to be that tired and sew. I am glad it made you happy to sew.
Happy Stitching Hugs, Kathy